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Welcome to Sketchbook Warrior. This is a place where aspiring artist who like to sketch for fun, especially dynamic/comic book style art can learn and grow. I want you to feel right at home. I, myself, am not a professional comic book artist, professional fine artist. That just is not the path I was lead down in my artistic career. With that said though, let me just say, I have always wanted to be able to draw like the pros since I picked up my first comic book at 8 years old. I have been drawing on every scrap of paper I could get my hands on since.
I actually didn’t buy my first drawing pad till I was a twenty years old, living on my own in Tampa Florida in 1997. It was one of the first times I created a drawing on a completely blank piece of paper. The experience was completely liberating. I don’t know if the art was all that great, but at least the experience was. By from that point on, I would always have a drawing pad by side.
I would draw everywhere, at work, at home, at church, in a concert, on a date. It didn’t matter. I was an artist, that all that there was. I didn’t have a lot of money, so I would use the change I could spare to purchase a comic book every once in a while. This also meant that I really couldn’t afford to buy any drawing tutorial books. Ohhh I wanted to, but just could afford them at the time. Also, at the time, like always, new comic book artists were emerging with new, more dynamic styles of art. That meant that nearly all, which is mostly the case still today, most of the literature on dynamic drawing was out of date.
I was left to teach myself based on full color comic books. Then I got a glimpse of a comic book pencil drawing. I felt it was more beautiful and amazing than the full color comics. I had to learn how to do this. I would spend the next twenty years on a quest for knowledge and skill. I practiced day and night, amazing my friends with my talents. Then came youtube. I would find a small trickle of various videos, and they were a great help. Being able to see the artist hands moving on the paper, and hearing their explanations really help me along.
I felt that something was missing though. It never really felt complete. So I continued to practice, and day by day, something more would click. All of that researching, studying, and practice finally started to increase my skills. That’s what I want for you, to walk away from this experience feeling more skilled, accomplished and happy. When these feelings hit you, I mean you really feel them, they are some of the greatest feelings a human being can have.
I believe I am now at a level where I can help others along in their journey, while I continue down my own path. I want to work with you. I believe in the theory of a mastermind among a collective of people, which leads me to seek a connection with you. I want to teach and learn from you. I not only want you to see my work, but judge it as well. Your input will help me grow as an artist. We will literally help each other. Remember, this is just a hobby for me too.
I want you to reach out to me. You can comment here, comment on the videos, or send e-mail. You can reach me at If you’d like to talk over things fine art related, you can email me at
I look forward to hearing from you and I’m glad we can help each other out.
So if you’re ready, I’m ready.
WARRIORS!!!.... Lets sketch.

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